The Benefits of Mulching

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The Benefits of Mulching

Do you need mulch in Palm Beach, FL? Mulch is a two to four-inch layer of material placed on top of your soil. Typically, you’ll see mulch in the spring. Sometimes gardeners prefer to add more throughout the season. One important thing to remember is that mulch should cover the open soil entirely but not touch the tree trunk or the plant stems. If you’ve just started gardening and want to know if mulching is for you, the answer is yes. 

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Advantages of Mulching 

Controls Weed Growth 

Weeds are every gardener’s worst nemesis. What’s so bad about weeds? The very fact that they compete with your garden plants is enough reason why you need to get rid of them. When your garden teems with weeds, your garden plants won’t be able to receive sufficient amounts of sunlight, nutrients, and water.  

Furthermore, weeds attract pests putting your plants vulnerable to diseases. When you integrate mulching into your garden, you’re restricting weed growth. How? They block sunlight from reaching your soil, where weeds typically grow. When weeds don’t receive sunlight, they won’t be able to grow.  

Keeps Moisture In 

There are two general types of mulches – organic and inorganic. Both types limit evaporation by covering the soil. Since mulch does a great job absorbing water and locking the moisture in, it helps keep your plants well-nurtured and healthy.  

Mulching is essential during the hot summer months. Its ability to absorb water will spare you from watering your garden, thereby saving you dollars on your water bill.  

Prevents Soil Erosion  

If you live in an area that gets frequent rain showers, soil erosion is not unlikely. Soil erosion can impact your soil’s fertility, negatively affecting your garden plants. To prevent water from washing away your soil, you can add mulch. Mulching your garden is like adding a natural shield that helps reduce the force when water hits the ground. In addition, it also keeps your landscape in its place.    

Keeps Soil Nutrients 

Soil erosion can lead to a domino effect. When soil is washed away, so does its nutrients. If you want to preserve soil nutrients, you should consider mulching because it prevents the force of rain from affecting your soil. Another thing, certain types of mulch can decompose on your soil, which, in turn, can release more nutrients into your garden soil.  

Controls Soil Temperature 

Did you know that incorporating mulching will help control changes in soil temperature? For example, when you add mulch on top of your soil during the summer, the ground underneath it gets cooled. Similarly, if it’s the winter season, the mulch acts as a protective layer over your plant roots, shielding them from the cold and preventing frost-heaving.     

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Are You Looking for Mulch in Palm Beach, FL? 

These advantages should be enough to convince you to give mulching a try. Learning about the benefits will make you appreciate how mulching can protect your soil in more ways than one. Do you want to know more about mulching?  

East Coast Nursery has the best gardening professionals who can provide you with more information about mulching. From our sister company East Coast Mulch, all of our mulch is double-ground to a perfect blend.  

Our mulch displays both consistency and beauty. We also offer numerous different types of premium soil to enrich your lawn. Contact us today to learn more about our mulch and soil products.  

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