Plant Buying Guide for Novice Gardeners

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Plant Buying Guide for Novice Gardeners

The most exciting part about landscaping your garden is visiting garden centers in West Palm Beach to shop for plants. Plant shopping should be fun and enjoyable, but only if you know what plants to look for. Once you go in there, you might find yourself overwhelmed with your options.

Randomly picking plants can be disastrous for your garden, especially if you’re unfamiliar with their growing conditions. You might end up buying plants only to let them wither in your garden. If you’re a novice gardener with insufficient knowledge about these things, we’ve compiled a plant buying guide just for you so you’ll know what plants to buy for your garden project.

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Plant Buying Guide for First-Time Gardeners

Choose a Reputable Garden Center

It’s not hard to find plants because they are being sold everywhere! You’ll find them in home centers, grocery stores and even in parking lots. If you want the best deals, don’t go to plant stands, but instead find a well-established garden center.

You can probably get deals from plant stands, but their staff may not be as well versed, and their plants may not be watered and maintained well enough. Later, you’ll discover issues with your plants, and if you return to where you purchased it, the stand may no longer be there. So, one of the wisest choices you can make is to find a reputable garden center because they can assure you that their plants are well cared for.

Qualities of a Garden Center to Look For

When looking for a garden center, choose one that has an extensive array of well-maintained plants. We prefer garden centers that meticulously categorize their plants and arrange them based on plant characteristics. It’s also essential to check for labels and other information like how-to-grow, expected size, etc.

It’s also more convenient if the garden center has nursery wagons so you can just place your plants while you shop along the aisles.

Another important consideration is the staff. Knowledgeable staff is a huge advantage because they can answer your questions about plants. There are also garden centers that offer display gardens instead of just potted plants. Use this to your advantage. You can get tons of inspiration from these display gardens, so you can imagine what plants look nice when grouped together.

Choosing What Plants to Buy

When buying plants, consider the following factors:

  • Make sure the leaves are well-colored
  • The plants should look healthy
  • Steer clear of yellow leaves (unless they are inherently yellow), brown, and slimy leaves. All these are signs of disease damage, frost, and wilting.
  • Check the roots. When checking the roots, make sure you don’t destroy the plant. Just gently take it out of the container to inspect if the plant has healthy roots.
  • Don’t buy plants where the soil surfaces are covered with moss or leaves because this means that the plant has been in the pot for a long time.

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Are You Ready to Go Plant Shopping in Garden Centers in West Palm Beach?

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