Although greenery is essential in creating a beautiful lawn, hardscape components are the true key to landscape design. The right decorative stone, colorful rocks, or borders, placed strategically around your favorite plants can serve as stunning highlights that will take the appearance of any home to the next level. East Coast Nursery offers a wide range of hardscape options including:

Construction aggregates are grained coarse, sand, or stone-like materials such as gravel or crushed stone. These are perfect for many applications, from accents to green spaces, to volleyball courts. We not only supply the material; we can also install it for you!

Cap rocks are stunning pieces that stand out no matter where you put them. Whether you are looking to decorate an entryway or create an artificial waterfall in your front or backyard, we can provide unique-looking cap rocks for your needs.

Our catalog of decorative rock options is ample and it just keeps on growing. We have the colors and styles that are sure to turn heads and make your home the talk of the neighborhood. If you’re looking to make your landscape stand out, you can’t go wrong with decorative rock.

People have been using pottery as decorative for hundreds of years for good reason – It’s hard to match the elegant look of a nicely placed planting pot. Our selection is hand-chosen and imported from Vietnam to ensure the highest quality.

Our stone component choices include a wide range of step and border options. Borders are great to outline a garden or keep mulch from spilling over. Stone steps are a stylish way to create beautiful walkways to your front door or a special part of your yard. Browse through our catalog to get some ideas!

Looking for the Highest Quality Materials for Your Hardscape Designs in West Palm Beach?

East Coast Nursery is dedicated to improving the appearance of your home, starting with your greenspace, and then going beyond. We offer only the best material for hardscapes and we can help guide you achieve your vision. Give us a call today to learn more about our hardscape services!