Is Sod Better Than Turf?

placing sod and turf in palm beach fl

Is Sod Better Than Turf?

When you’re given a piece of land to work on, you must choose between sod and turf in Palm Beach, FL. It’s tough because both offer benefits that make your landscape design beautiful and functional. To help you decide, we’ve come up with a list that compares sod and turf so you can explore the pros and cons of each. Use these factors to decide which option can give you the best outcome.  

placing sod and turf in palm beach fl

Sod Versus Turf 

Cost of Installation 

The cost of installation is not the same for both sod and turf. However, it’s important to note that several factors may also impact the overall cost. For example, the size that needs to be covered plays a huge role in the cost of the materials. The bigger the area, the more expensive it’s going to be. Drainage and landscape materials also add to the expenses.  

With sod, you can’t do much to lower the cost because you skimp on drainage and soil prep; it will surely lead to unsatisfactory results. Meanwhile, with artificial turf, you can lower the cost by opting for recycled grass. Many homeowners on a tight budget don’t mind installing recycled turf since it looks the same. 


The installation cost is one thing to keep in mind, but you must also consider long-term upkeep. People are so concerned about the initial cost without realizing that the real expense is long-term maintenance.  

Between the two, natural grass is more costly since you have to spend on a mowing machine to keep everything neat, fertilizers and pesticides to make your grass thrive and look lush, and of course, the water bill. All these can add up, so if you don’t have the budget for ongoing upkeep, we suggest you choose artificial turf instead.

Artificial turf is manufactured using high-quality materials that withstand tough conditions like wear and tear and extreme weather conditions. The maintenance is far less than natural grass since you don’t need to water it to keep it thriving constantly. You need to hose it down from time to time to remove dirt and other debris and keep it cool during the hot summer months. But other than that, you don’t need to spend a single dollar on pesticides, fertilizers, etc. 

Environmental Concerns

Appeal, cost, and maintenance are not the only concerns you need to consider when choosing between sod and turf. You must also check how your option affects the environment. While natural grass helps minimize airborne pollutants, they also compensate for the amount of water you use to keep it verdant. If you want natural grass, we suggest you choose organic pesticides and fertilizers to lower your environmental footprint. 

Artificial turf doesn’t require much watering, so that you can save on water usage. It’s also good for the environment since you don’t have to apply fertilizers, pesticides, and weed killers that can result in a chemical run-off.  

sod and turf palm beach fl

Do You Have More Questions About Sod and Turf in Palm Beach, FL? 

Part of landscape design is looking at all the aspects carefully to ensure you achieve your intended purpose. While natural grass may seem like an excellent option, we believe that artificial turf gets the upper hand in terms of cost-effectiveness, especially since it’s easy to maintain.  

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