The Common Threats to Your Landscape 

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The Common Threats to Your Landscape 

You’ve treated yourself and spent a lot on your landscape design in West Palm Beach, so it’s only fitting to spend time learning how to care for your investment. A beautifully landscaped lawn is easy on the eyes. The vibrant colors of flowers and the lush green grass bring a feeling of tranquility and calmness after a chaotic day at work. 

Unfortunately, many homeowners struggle to maintain the beauty that their landscape architects and designers have started. Some have simply given up, leaving their lawns uncomely and neglected. While it’s true that maintaining the attractiveness of your lawn can be challenging, the good news is that it’s highly doable.  

You can start by learning the common threats to your landscape. Identifying these threats is essential so you can address them. 

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What Are the Common Threats to Your Landscape? 

Neglecting Your Lawn 

One of the most important things you can do to maintain the lushness of your lawn is to give it time and attention. You don’t need to tend to it 24/7. You just have to spend time checking your lawn and making sure everything is okay from time to time. 

In other words, you must be willing to sacrifice your time, money, and energy in keeping your lawn looking beautiful because if you don’t, you’ll easily turn a healthy and beautiful lawn and make it look neglected and run down. But if you don’t have the time, you can always ask for professional help. 


Did you know that weeds are your lawn’s worst enemy? Weeds can sprout fast, and they can show up announced anywhere, ruining the overall aesthetics of your lawn. Besides compromising its beauty, weeds are also notorious for destroying your lawn’s health. 

They’ll take away the nutrients meant for your grass, and they try to compete with your grass by crowding it out. You can’t have a healthy landscape if weeds are lurking around. To protect your lawn against weeds, you should pay for a chemical weed control service. 


Another threat that can potentially destroy your hard work is the presence of pests. Pests will eat away your grass and make your lawn look sick. A word of warning, if pests have already populated your lawn, it can be challenging to get rid of them. 

Therefore, you must keep an eye on your lawn, ensuring you’re not experiencing a pest problem. But, if you suspect that your lawn has pests act immediately because if you don’t, you might wake up to extensive lawn damage. 

Lack of Nutrition 

If your lawn lacks necessary nutrients, you can’t expect it to look healthy. How do you keep your lawn healthy? You can address this issue through fertilization and lawn aeration. When these two are done together, they can boost the nutrition in your lawn, thereby giving you a healthier and more attractive landscape. 

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Do You Need Assistance With Landscape Design in West Palm Beach? 

Do you want to give your lawn a makeover? If you’re struggling with weeds and pests, we’re here to help. At East Coast Nursery, our goal is to offer quality service unlike any other. We strive to exceed your expectations so you will be satisfied with the results. Our team will work with you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more. 

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