Is a Landscape Design Worth Investing In?

finished outcome of a landscaping in west palm beach project

Is a Landscape Design Worth Investing In?

When you build a house, you hire an engineer, architect, and interior designer, but what about your front lawn? Many people don’t realize that landscaping in West Palm Beach also requires expertise. Did you know that there is a profession devoted to beautifying outdoor spaces? Landscape design isn’t just about randomly putting potted plants to fill in the empty spaces. 

The philosophy behind landscape design is bringing together function and form through a set of guidelines and principles. Many people are surprised and in awe, once they see the outcome of a landscaping design project. 

Expert landscapers are capable of turning your needs, wants, and visions into a reality. It’s essential to hire professional landscape designers because they are experts in architectural design (the materials used and building techniques) and horticulture (the art of cultivating plants for medicinal and ornamental purposes). So, is landscape design worth investing in? We say it’s a YES! 

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How Can You Benefit From a Landscape Design? 

It Brings Satisfaction and Enjoyment 

Before homeowners shell out cash, they ask themselves questions. These questions will help them decide if it’s a go or a no-go. The following are some examples: 

1.)   How much enjoyment can this investment give me? 

2.)   Can I get a decent ROI from this project if I ever decide to sell my property in the future? 

3.)   How much money should I spend on this project? 

Sometimes the answers to these questions are pretty straightforward. For example, if your kitchen cabinets are already worn and damaged, then you need to update them, but that doesn’t mean you should add an island or give your countertops a facelift. 

However, the decision isn’t just about what’s necessary. You also have to account for your enjoyment. For example, if you are happy with adding an island because it makes your kitchen more functional, then yes, you’re already getting an ROI, making it an excellent investment that’s worth your money. 

The same principle applies to landscape design. When you are happy with the design outcome and enjoy it, you’re already reaping the benefits of your investment. Often, the enjoyment is the reward itself. Nevertheless, real estate professionals say hardscaping and landscaping can bring you an ROI of up to 50%, which is why it’s one of the most in-demand projects these days, next to bathroom and kitchen renovations. 

Increase Property Value 

Did you know that if you invest in landscape design, you’re boosting property value by up to 12%? According to surveys, potential buyers are impressed when sellers spend on landscaping. 

Remember, it’s one of the first things they’ll see when inspecting your property—today, mowing and removing weeds is not enough to wow prospects. With landscape design, you and your family get to enjoy your investment, and if the time comes you decide to sell your home, the added landscape will increase your property’s market value. 

Adds Functionality 

No one talks about functionality, but if you get a chance to sit with a landscape expert, you’ll understand how much more you can get from a landscape design project. An example is functionality. 

If you add a patio or a deck in your backyard, you can use it as an extension of your living room area, where you get to entertain guests or have backyard barbecues with friends. You can also add flowerbeds, fruits, and vegetables. There’s so much you can do with your front lawn or backyard. 

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Are You Ready for Landscaping in West Palm Beach? 

With landscape design, you’ll be proud of your home, maximize its use, and increase property value. If you’re looking for a landscape design expert, we’re here for you. At East Coast Nursery, we offer skills and expertise and provide you with superior quality materials and installation service that will make you proud of your home! Call us today to learn more about how we can improve your landscape. 

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